Saturday, February 9, 2008

Law of Attraction & Art of Allowing in Action

The Law of Attraction has started to play an ever greater role in the way I'm living my life. Not that I always get it right, but I'm making progress, or so I like to think.

Thanks to Abraham's teachings, and various other resources that have helped me get a better handle on exactly what is really meant by "The Art of Allowing" I'm actually getting better at allowing. I mean, I'm actually "getting" it.

Allowing is simply the absence of resisting it. And any worry that maybe I won't get it is resisting it. I love the pizza example I came across on Steve Pavlina's website, which has in fact been among the resources that have been most helpful on my quest to understand this stuff. Here's the link for Steve Pavlina's blog but please come back later, pretty please.

The pizza example: You order pizza, and then you just expect it to show up and won't spend another minute thinking about it until it does. That's a fantastic way to approach manifestation.

A particular good resource is Steve's series of podcasts which can be found somewhere on his website, and in particular his wife Erin's segment where she illustrates with that very example (or was it with Chinese food?) just what "allowing" really means.

Steve's blog and forum are fantastic. When I "grow up", I want a blog like Steve Pavlina's or something along the lines, but "me" if you know what I mean.

Meanwhile, my own "other" blog has gone through a little bit of growth as well.

If you haven't checked it out recently, you may want to do that. As my skills and my enthusiasm for internet marketing kept growing, I started sneaking more and more entries aobut that topic, and eventually I figured it might actually turn off those who go there primarily for self-help stuff.

So I decided to finally do what I thought I would be doing sooner or later anyway:

Separate out the web stuff and internet marketing stuff and turn it into its own blog: which is now

And my other blog is of course My favorite self-help stuff blog. Come on and visit.

I just posted my newest culinary discovery -- spiced hot chocolate -- but EASY spiced hot chocolate -- made with a hot chocolate mix, cold milk, hot water, and curry & garam masala powder. Yummy!

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You can get in on this by going to this link right here. I'm beginning to feel the page you'll get to is just a tad hype-y, and I'll tone it down some, but really, I think my newsletter rocks, plus you'll get a whole free ebook just for signing up.

And, if you don't like it, you can obviously unsubscribe, as is standard practice these days. Every installment of the newsletter features and unsubscribe link at the bottom. Of course, I hope you'll absolutely LOVE my newsletter and won't want to ever live without it, but I do know how it is with overflowing inboxes...

Anyway, it's 3 o'clock in the morning and I better get some zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Have a fantastic day!


P.S.: Have I mentioned my Squidoo lenses yet? They have videos from YouTube. Check them out. Here are some of them:

Secret to Riches
Abraham & Esther Hicks
Secret to Happiness


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ubiquitous_outliers said...

^ I'm not sure where that is coming from RE: the blog. But there's good info there and one should keep an open mind.

I wanted to point out a new book that may be of interest to those studying the Law of Attraction. It's called the Ever-Loving Essence of You, and it's an amazing read!!!!

For fans of Abraham, this book is a must-read! (although it is different)

ubiquitous_outliers said...

Whoops I forgot the webpage, if you want to read more about the book

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